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Connie Ingram, Ph.D., LMHC, NCC

Connie Ingram has been an executive coach since 1998 and a psychotherapist since 1989. Her experience as an entrepreneur and
CEO of her corporation gives her an edge that other coaches may not have.  Her approach is based on fostering a new sense of awareness and responsibility in each client.  This affords the client to reach new heights in his or her personal or professional development and resultantly helps them to reach goals that they had only once dreamed of.  

Connie has coached both groups and individuals.  She has worked with agencies such as the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the U.S. Army (Europe), Hospitals, and individuals from many career paths.

Connie has a Master's degree in Psychology, a Master's degree in Human Resource Development and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Connie's motto:
"If you don't change direction, you're liable to end up where you are headed!"

Connie Murray

Connie Muller-Thym Murray, LCSW is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Professional Life Coach.  Connie is co-owner of Family Counseling Associates, Inc., and Coaching For Your Success.  Connie has lived in Florida for 22 years and has worked extensively in management in the marine industries in the area.

Connie has dedicated her work to coaching people to finding more success and balance in their lives.  Connie's coaching is an extension of her solution-oriented approach in her psychotherapy.  She has developed numerous seminars and programs to help people in their personal and professional lives.  Connie is currently presenting the series Success For Life: A Program for Women in Jupiter, Florida.  The program is designed to work with women in helping them overcome the obstacles in reaching their goals in life.  The program was developed from a desire to provide the strategies and techniques that Connie has learned from years of working with women and helping them with the challenges of middle age.

In addition, Connie has created the 'Business Success Series'.  This is a series of programs offered to help small businesses in their development of skills to increase profits and profitability.  Connie is specializing in Customer Service Excellence and Business Communication Skills.  Further information on these programs can be found in the CYFS Events section.