Some of the indicators that an organization may be ready to become a coaching based culture include the desire for:
  • A system that promotes innovation and accelerates results
  • Increased effectiveness of recruitment, development and retention of valuable organizational members
  • Increased results from present quality improvement programs
  • A more vital corporate culture
  • A performance management system thatís applicable throughout the organization and has meaning for organizational members
  • A process to move vision creation and decision making throughout the organization, thus ensuring that organizational vision and goals are shared
  • Improved organizational communication and team effectiveness
  • Shared accountability for the success of the organization

Companies who support their leaders can better respond to the challenges they face by:

  • Supporting departmental and personal growth.
  • Creating an environment which values open and honest communication.
  • Offering innovative programs to sustain cutting-edge.
  • Valuing their employees. Companies who succeed are nimble in their management style, stay ahead of their competition and plan accordingly, and are able to make decisions effectively - at the appropriate level.

What people want from their workplace today is:

  • To make a contribution and enjoy work.
  • To participate in developing organization vision and strategy.
  • Freedom to exercise their natural curiosity.
  • Permission and encouragement to learn without fear of looking incompetent.
  • Support for taking risks and making mistakes and telling the truth without fear of reprisal.
  • Ability to practice new learning on the job.
  • To be respected and valued.
  • Career advancement.
  • To work with colleagues they trust and respect in a friendly affirming work environment.
  • To be rewarded for thinking and learning, not just doing.
  • Ability to control their own work.

Some of our clients include:

  • Palm Beach Sheriff's Office
  • National Employee Assistant Services
  • Lake Worth Fire Rescue
  • Martin County Police Department
  • International Association of Corrections Training Personnel
  • House of Hope Community Church
  • Gratitude House
  • National Association of Army Comptrollers
  • Various Private Medical Practioners
  • GlassAlum
  • Palm Beach Woodworking
  • Palm Beach Atlantic College
  • Training Advisory Group

If you think you are ready for coaching, please e-mail our staff directly with your ideas and questions.

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